Guidelines, Rules, and Regulations

Club Policy Handbook

1. All activities will be scheduled and arranged through the Brownwood Country Club Event Coordinator on a first come, first served basis with deposit.

2. Illegal drugs are prohibited on Brownwood Country Club property.

3. Smoking and tobacco products are prohibited inside the facility and will only be permitted in designated smoking area/s.

4. Alcohol must be provided by the Brownwood Country Club per TABC regulations. No alcohol may be brought on Brownwood Country Club property. Guests must be 21 or over to consume alcohol. Brownwood Country Club staff has the right to refuse service to anyone they feel could be a harm to themselves or to others. Alcohol must be kept within the Brownwood Country Club premises.

5. A Brownwood Country Club employee will be present during all reservation times as required. Said employee will conduct an inspection of the facility at the beginning and the end of the rental period.

6. All room capacities are posted and will be enforced in accordance with Fire Department regulations for safety. (Ballroom 144, Front Room 56, MDR 120, and Boardroom 30)

7. Emergency exits must remain clear at all times in accordance with Fire Department regulations for safety.

8. Groups are expected to cooperate with the efforts of the Brownwood Country Club to maintain security of the building and grounds, and to provide for the safety of all persons visiting the facility.

9. Pets will not be allowed in the facility or on the grounds, except when assisting the disabled.

10. Prior approval for decorations and banners must be obtained. Nothing may be tacked, nailed, or stapled, to either inside or outside walls. Candles must be in an enclosed container. Flower petals, bubbles, or birdseed are permitted on the outside only. The throwing of rice or confetti is prohibited.

13. Activities inside or outside of a building involving minors require one (1) adult per ten (10) children.

14. The facility and equipment shall be returned to the condition and location they were in prior to the commencement of the activity.

15. The Brownwood Country Club Coordinator reserves the right to decline rental of the facility by any individual or group deemed unacceptable, based on past failure to comply with and Reservation Agreement, the Facility's Guidelines, Rules and Regulations, and/or any other applicable law, rule and/or regulation, as they exist or may be amended.

16. There will be no outside food and beverage brought into the Brownwood Country Club. (Exception: Cake from a bakery or punch) The reserving party must have a menu finalized no less than 14 days prior to the event. A guarantee of number of guests will be given no less than 10 days prior to the event. If this said guarantee is not met, then the reserving party is responsible for that number.

17. The responsible/reserving party shall be solely responsible for any and all damages and/or the costs associated with the repair, replacement and /or clean up of the reserved facility or area. The Brownwood Country Club shall assess damages and shall make the final decisions as to suitable repair and /or replacement. Any cost associated with damages and/or lack of cleaning of the facility, which is not covered by the deposit, will be payable by the responsible/reserving party within seven (7) days after the event.

18. The Country Club must be left in the same manner as it was found during pre-reservation walk through. Anything brought in must be taken out.

19. A reservation will only be deemed confirmed once the security deposit and 50% of rental fee has been received and the Reservation Agreement has been signed by both parties. Balance is due in full 30 days prior to the reservation date. Should any of the reservation requirements not be adhered to, the reservation will be null and void and the deposit funds will be forfeited. Arrangements for payment may be made through your facility coordinator. Security deposit of $250 must be in cash or check.

20. Reservations may be made for times the building is not in use by the Brownwood Country Club. Reservations will be accepted for no earlier that 7:00am and no later than 11:00pm. (The building will be closed and locked at 11:00pm).

21. Rental times:
Includes 4 hours for reception and 3 hours for decorating.
Additional time for decorating may be purchased for $50 an hour.

22. Checks are payable to the Brownwood Country Club. The Brownwood Country Club reserves the right to immediately cancel the reservation if any of the above guidelines, rules, and/or regulations are not being property adhered to.